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Moving on… Why are we talking about what we are talking about today?

Well, to make it just the right mix for all you e-commerce store owners and marketers, we are bringing you strategies from an eCommerce store that…

There are many ways to interact with your segmented list of email subscribers which is a very strategic and personalized way of sending email campaigns.

Non-openers? Who are these people?

Defining Non-openers

These are the ones who responded, opened, clicked, or acted on any emails sent to them in the past 6–12 months.

This step is important because as per the industry average, email list’s inactive rate is around 60% which is huuuuuuge. So, we gotta do something about it, right?

+ Trim your list: The first step would be to send an email just to these inactive subscribers. What…

Is it really possible? Can just 2 emails bring in such revenue figures?

Hell yeah! It indeed is possible, in fact even better as Q4 and the whole holiday season approach with a newed vigor and zeal.

Colin Wayne Ervin, shared his 2-step email sequence in a FB Group which helped me rake in $12.8k in a single day.

Email — Test 1

  • Sent an initial campaign to 3 segmented email lists over a period of 2 days. (List 1 and List 2 on day 1, and 3rd on day 2).
  • 1st Tier List — Engagers 10+ (People who opened…

“You can’t tell me there’s a better ROI than having a High Ticket eCom business running Google Ads.

It’s the dopest legal way to print money on the internet and keep the cash flowing in while you sleep.

It’s the ultimate business model!

This comes straight from Earnest Apps, the man who’s built several 5–6 figure e-commerce stores.

His secret? High ticket e-commerce and Google Ads.

Now, let’s try to understand why this is a great combo to have in your armoury.

  • Once set up and optimized, you won’t be trading your time for money.
  • It has got the potential…

We have been consistently sharing a great mix of action advice, growth hacks, case studies and more on a daily basis.

But what good is all that if you aren’t updated with the latest trends and updates from the industry.

In our industry of online marketing, it’s said that if you sign up for a learning course, by the time you finish it, it’s already obsolete.

This is because things change so fast. Algorithm updates, feature updates, ad account bans and so much more.

Brands which are able to keep up with these updates and become early adopters of new…

Yes, you read that right… The headline above is not a clickbait by any means! It’s actually true!

We are after all, your $1 marketing partner and we gotta live up to the standards and provide as much value as a marketing agency charging $10k/month retainer provides.

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Okay, let’s head back to the topic about email marketing and help you make that…

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And in this episode, we drift away from just email and e-commerce and bring you this 3-step case-study shared by…

Who Is It For?

If you are an e-commerce store owner or an email marketer working with e-commerce clients, then we can assure you that this is what you’ve been waiting for — for a long time!

Because by now, you’ve probably realised that ecommerce marketing can be quite a pickle. Especially email marketing. And most store owners don’t even have email included in their marketing mix yet.

And if you’ve been thinking of Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you may want to think again because without the right expertise, they can really make your top spin.

Happy Monday to all our readers!

The Crew at EmailToEcomm spent their weekend compiling a list of tools & apps that need to be a part of the armoury of every email marketer or anyone who uses email to generate sales for their e-commerce stores.

Let’s first answer the most basic question in the most amazing way!

What is email marketing really?

Is it just about sending email newsletters to your customers? No, of course not.

It involves custom flows based on user activity, firing relevent triggers, data backed strategies, segmentation, AB tests and more.

This means that as a…

So… You’ve probably just started with your ecommerce store, maybe even found your winning products but something just doesn’t seem right?

The store is still not profitable. Well, we’ve been there before…we know them chills!

You ever wonder that it could be the way you have priced your products?

The logical way to go about it

Well, it obviously depends on a number of factors and no-size-fits-all. The right figure for your particular store and its products is best determined by actually launching and testing with real customers, but one must start somewhere, right?

And we gotta break the art…


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